Holistic and Synergistic Art

Carol Perroni

Collage Artist, Painter, Mixed Media, Marbled Paper Collages

Artist Type: Mixed-Media, Painter

Website Email: carolpi56@msn.com

Contact: (505) 471-5656


In my creative process I use a variety of materials. No material is too humble or too proud to be considered in my process.  I primarily use acrylic and oil paints, watercolors, and pastels. At times I have worked on series of paintings using paper and pieces of paper that I have marbleized with oil paints. After this has dried, I layer them with more images, textures, and more painting. I consider my process to be holistic and synergistic because the work is constantly evolving on various levels as it is created. I often feel that I am channeling and juxtaposing diverse types of energy into unusual combinations.

My working process involves the concept of the art to be an integral part of it. I am not illustrating ideas or techniques, nor am I originating a concept that is worked through to achieve an end result. I work on several levels simultaneously. Ideas, techniques and emotions are melded together until they reach their own resolutions. Sometimes they remain warring components in the same picture. A vast array of images and ideas present themselves in each work. Sometimes it takes me a long time to sift through this process and reach the core or major concepts. Even as I work with them, they change and shift in unexpected directions. I like to think of the entire process as being like shape-shifting: the ability of the art to completely transform or transcend into itself and reflect its own image back to me. If the work achieves this quality then it seems to exist in its own magical dimension. I love art that has been able to achieve this, no matter what style or historical period it comes from.

My primary intention as an artist is to develop my work as fully as possible. My intentions as an artist have not changed over the years. I consider creating art as a long journey that awakens and deepens my sense of reality, imagination, spirituality and subconscious mind. I love to share my work with other like-minded people and to discover the manifestations of their unique journeys.



     Hunter College, New York, M.F.A.

     Bennington College, Vt., B.A.

     Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Maine

     Boston Museum School-1 year