Virtual Sculpture as Photography: Stills & Video


A new way of experiencing three-dimensional form.

Artist Type: Photographer, Sculptor

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Contact: Tony Buchen at (505) 795-8139


Working exclusively in virtual space, we are creating sculptures as three-dimensional models to be explored via the photography unique to that realm - as stills and video. The equations which define these models can be translated into images or physical objects. Our focus is a new genre of work in which the physicality of an object is not a consideration.

The subjects of our photographic compositions are minimal sculptures; minimal but not simple. The laws of virtual space allow us to relate to objects in unprecedented ways. Because of this we can have a remarkable degree of intimacy with our subjects. Ultimately, they reveal the secrets of their complexity in the language of abstraction.

The video work presents a new way of relating to the medium of sculpture. Each video is intended as a visual narrative of a specific model. They are a glimpse into the life of an object, or a group of objects. The intent is to explore the intricacy of their nature and their relationships with one another.

Tony Buchen and Jazzmean Goodwin began their collaboration in 1980 in Santa Fe, NM working primarily in constructed metal sculpture. In 1989 they left New Mexico to become artists-in-residence at Sloss Furnaces, an industrial museum in Birmingham, Alabama. During this residency they experimented extensively with the exceptional computer related technology available. 1999 - 2003 the artists lived/worked in Corsica, France. During this time they began utilizing a cyber-medium exclusively. Sculptures were created as 3D virtual models to be explored via the unique photography of cyberspace. This remains their primary focus. Currently, Buchen and Goodwin reside in Santa Fe, New Mexico.