Buddhist art

Brian McQueen

functional art using non-toxic color pigments

Artist Type: Painter

Website Email: brian@dakinidoors.com

Contact: Brian McQueen at 505-660-2807


Welcome to my page -- a showcase for the functional art I create using non-toxic color pigments on mostly sustainably harvested wood. The Buddhist images I depict on custom crafted doors, beds, and screens are painted using materials that will not harm the chemically sensitive individual. Buddhism has helped define my spiritual path.

As an artist I express the power of these ancient symbols on custom doors, beds, and screens. I then reproduce the originals as watercolors, offering a more affordable way to enjoy my artwork.

The images that I paint on doors, beds, screens, and watercolors are used as a reminder to myself to stay aware, to stay open. When I am engaged in this work, I am constantly in the process of allowing. Every thought, every feeling and belief that enters my awareness has a place at the tip of my brush. No matter what it is, it can be used to create beauty.

The images of Buddhist art are beautiful and important. They are nothing more than the truest aspects of ourselves. We all are enlightened beings (Buddha). We all have infinite life and splendor (Amitabha). We all have the capacity for fearless compassion (Avalokiteshvara). Each of us has the ability, if we choose to believe it, to be completely healed of all physical, mental, and emotional suffering. (Bhaisajya—Medicine Buddha). We are all influenced completely by the beautiful, magical, awesomely powerful and often times frightening aspect of Divine Energy (Dakinis).

I want to live a life rooted in my highest self. I want to remember my true self. Because that true self is really the essence of all beings everywhere, whether seen or unseen.

My intention for this artwork is that it be used for a moment of reflection several times a day. Every time you or I walk through the door, we can remind ourselves of our true kindness and compassion, our enlightenment, our infinite life, healing, and dynamic energy. We can respond with wisdom to a planet that desperately needs understanding and love.