Artist in residence at El Zaguan on Canyon Road

Brenda Roper

Art is not necessarily beautiful but it is necessary. . .

Artist Type: Mixed-Media, Painter

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Contact: Brenda Roper/Studio Artist at El Zaguan at (505) 670-8835


Brenda spent over 20 years in Alaska before moving to Santa Fe where she is currently an artist in residence at El Zaguan.  Her work investigates the texture of social relationships, landscape and myth through painting, poetry, and travel.  She works in mixed media and assemblage to explore abstract expressions of identity, family secrets and the unconscious in an effort to communicate the unsaid, the forgotten, and the textural history of memory and its absence.  Her work is rich with symbols: buttons, thread, windows, doors, circles and shapes.  She loves mark making and is exploring the use of text and the collage of images, in the way of a poet per se and not a scientist.  Nothing is exact.  Much is left to the imagination.

Her work is published in Calyx, a Journal of Art & Literature by Women, Cirque Journal and "Mining the Unconscious" a film by Marcelina Martin.  You can see   “A Poet’s Heart” on display at the Encaustic Art Institute sculpture garden.