Bethany Antolewicz

glass worker

Artist Type: Glass Worker

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After years of working with glass, Bethany chose a departure from her artwork in stained glass and blown glass to her current focus on the very involved process of casting glass. Cast glass allows for many more possibilities, whereas flat glass and blown glass can be very limiting. 

Bethany likes to experiment with sculptural forms in glass, and has also started her company, Maya Tile, producing a line of cast glass tiles. The tiles are each cast in separate molds, fired in the kiln, cleaned and hand polished resulting in a tile that is truly one of a kind. Created with fine quality leaded crystal glass, they are not just tiles, but a display of art in your home.

In addition to tile, Bethany also creates cast glass sculpture. Using the lost wax technique, Bethany creates sculptural forms that are delicate with open areas, yet very substantial cast in leaded crystal glass. She enjoys the process of cast glass and finds the end result very rewarding.These sculptures are a work in progress and will be updated in the near future!