Angela Hayden


Artist Type: Painter

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Contact: Angela Hayden at 765-267-0007


I draw and paint women and flowers, images that present themselves spontaneously that I need to express. Women and nature are central themes in my work I think because I grew up in a home permeated with domestic violence and as a younger adult lived it. I seek to better understand it. I eventually escaped and rebuilt my life with the help of a shelter. While at the shelter, I started to draw and paint and it was women and nature that came out of my subconscious. Nature is close to my heart because it was a refuge for me as a child after my mother left my father. I spent hours and hours in the countryside of Texas, outside of Houston, running through the open fields, climbing trees, picking blackberries, and just being in nature.


My favorite material is paper because it is usually small enough that I can turn it any angle and draw on it. I love the texture of paper and the feel of it. I like the way drawing and painting make me feel:  transported inward to a world of pure imagination and to lose myself and my worries while I focus on the colors and shapes in the work.


I call myself an Art Goddess because I believe many of the women I draw are goddess's in their own right and my art pays homage to them in that way. Although I was taught to draw realistically I pull inspiration from my imagination. My favorite color is blue, a recurring color in my work. It is the color of the sky and the sea. In color theory it symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, faith, truth, intelligence and heaven. My work keeps me close to these values.