Contemporary Painting, Sculpture and Prints

Abraham Gelbart

"Don't leave home without your shreddings; data is important"

Artist Type: Digital Artist, Mixed-Media, Painter, Sculptor

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Contact: Abraham Gelbart at 505 6992506


Almost all of my work begins as a series concept and becomes the vehicle by which I create specific images.  The series then progresses through many stages of development and compositions. This latest series entitled “shreddings” which includes paintings and sculpture is based on the premise that in order to safeguard your identity, shreddings with all of its important and confidential information should be kept and carried with you at all times.  “Don’t leave home without your shreddings, data is important”.  This light hearted concept; to a very serious problem, at the outset began with sculptures, what I referred to as luggage and soon evolved to include paintings as characteristic of the contents of the luggage or carriers. The physicality of the shreddings are represented through singular paint strokes and masking tape with text superimposed onto the surfaces.  The text which represents the still visible and confidential data on the shreddings is applied using a French stencil font popularized in the early twentieth century and later referred to as “Le Corbusier Font” after the famous Swiss architect  Le Corbusier.


The process using the masking tape developed out of a need to maintain a rectangular shape as I increased the scale of the shreddings.  After applying the masking tape I was enamored with the color and texture of the material so much so that it became necessary for me to use the tape as a major linear element in the compositions.  Furthermore, the multi-applications reminded me of the layering found in shredding machines and in music. That’s another story.  The process further developed to create motion and direction as if the shreddings were falling into a container.