December 25, 2014

A Robert Mirabal Christmas

Award-winning musician and storyteller Robert Mirabal performs dinner theater at El Farol Dec. 22-30.

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Powderhounds Unite!

Being New Mexico

The most comprehensive guide to open events on New Mexico's Pueblos. Christmas is an excellent time to begin your visit.

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Blowing Your Santa Fe Christmas Mind

A smattering of to-do's in Santa Fe during the holidays ~

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Get Ready to 'Bounce'

Locally grown community info-sharing app "Bounce" launches on NYE at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center.

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Find out about events and things to do in Santa Fe. Everything from art openings to music performances.

Blogger Spotlight:

Lynn Cline

Gourmet Girl

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The Food Fads of 2015

Say goodbye to bacon and kale and hello to 'ndjua, ghost chile and neurogastronomy...

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Casey St. Charnez

Media Rare

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Santa Fe Fave ‘Ride the Pink Horse’ Due on Home Video in March

'The title refers to the beloved 1882 Tio Vivo Carousel, key to the plotline, still up and operating in Taos.'

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Dick Rosemont

The Guy In the Groove

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JFK & The Beatles

Did a president's death inaugurate a musical revolution?

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Susie Morgan

Hoof Prints in Santa Fe

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New Equine Veteranary Practice for Northern New Mexico

'Stacie’s life course was set in high school when she was introduced to horses and immediately bitten by the horse bug...' provides all the information you need to plan your dream vacation in the City Different!