30 years combined experience in the Santa Fe market

Warren and DorLisa Berg

Date February 9, 2010 at 11:00 PM

Categories Real Estate


With 30 years of combined experience in the Santa Fe market, we are your local realty experts.  DorLisa absolutely loves to show property.  You can't find someone more enthusiastic to find you a house!  Warren enjoys handling the listing side of the business.  A true team!

About Warren:

Santa Fe has been a good fit for me. It is hard to believe I have spent almost half my life here, and that almost that entire span has been spent selling real estate. I consider myself lucky because I came here as a tourist and fell in love with the City Different on my first day. The luck came with being able to figure out a way to move here and make a living. Although my real estate career started almost by accident, the profession has been very good to me. Over the years I have built houses, rented houses, been a landlord, and lived almost every where you can live here. That has helped with my perspective on the market and the diversity of Santa Fe's many neighborhoods. There are many different communities that make up this vibrant city and my getting involved with the local soccer and vintage car clubs has been rewarding on many levels. I still have many dear friends from the first soccer team I joined in 1984 and that says a lot about the friendliness of the people here. These days I still play soccer (much more slowly) and putter with my "works of art" as I refer to my old sports cars. I also play guitar and spend way too much time in the garden. The latter is a passion and I love to plant things and try to make the space around me a little more beautiful. I guess you could say my main credo in life is to leave things a little better than I found them. And my good fortune has continued as I have been lucky in love as well and my wife DorLisa Berg shares many of my passions (especially gardening) and is a fantastic Realtor in her own right.

About DorLisa:

DorLisa's father was a pilot in the Air Force - so she moved around a lot. All that moving taught her to easily adapt to change and to enjoy the excitement and challenge of discovering unfamiliar surroundings and getting to know new people. She went to college in California and received a B.A. in Political Science from UCLA and her Master's degree in Environmental Education from Humboldt State University. In conjunction with her numerous relocations, DorLisa has had a lot of different professions including talent agent, headhunter, Environmental Education Director for an outdoor school, and a teacher for grades 3-8. Her real estate career began by investing and managing commercial properties in California, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico. She entered the residential sphere of real estate in 2003 when she received her Associate Broker's license. She loves working with her partner and husband, Warren Berg, both in real estate and life. "We think that we make a GREAT team! We both believe in working hard and making or leaving things better than we found them." So far, life has been good to DorLisa so she wants to give back to the community. She volunteers as a CASA- Court Appointed Special Advocate and as a ski instructor for the Adaptive Ski Program. Check out their website: www.dosrealtors.com and you'll see photos of beautiful Santa Fe.

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