Santa Fe Southern Railway Gets Back on Track

Staff | - July 21, 2014

The Santa Fe Southern Railway is resuming operations from Santa Fe and along the historic Santa Fe railroad route following refurbishments. Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc., in conjunction with the X Train, a Delaware company,  announced that tickets are now on sale for the Santa Fe Southern Railway via its new website. Running along the historical Santa Fe railway route between the downtown Santa Fe Depot and Lamy station, the railway now offers multiple class services aboard modern and historical railcars, according to a company press release.

Offering "Sunsets & Stargazing" and "Buffet Brunch" trains, the Santa Fe Southern Railway is now taking reservations for "Diamond Class" rides in modern luxury cars with unlimited coffee and tea and "Turquoise Class" rides in vintage cars. The train also features an open air platform for taking in the most scenic views as well as lounge-style seating car.

According to the press release, one of the railway's most popular attractions is the "Buffet Brunch" train, in which passengers can feast on a chef-prepared "farm-to-train" buffet-style lunch while taking in New Mexico vistas and history. The Santa Fe Southern dinner train, "Sunsets and Stargazing," features a choice of gourmet entrees, salad and fine desserts and is timed so that passengers will be able to watch the sunset on the returning leg. Rides also offer a fully stocked bar. 

"What we are offering here is an experience," said marketing events manager Bobbi Dragone. "From the moment you step on board,  you get to sit back and take in all the beauty that surrounds you, the history of the train and amazing food. This is an all inclusive train ride and meal deal."

From an X-Train press release

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