The Prodigious Power of Our Beliefs | - September 24, 2012

" is a time to become witness to our patterns of behavior, to confront the imprints of our social conditioning "

Many of us have noticed the rapid acceleration of change that is occurring both individually and collectively. You don’t have to watch the news to perceive that various aspects of our culture, that seemed previously tolerable, or perhaps held in denial, appear to be crumbling as a result of unsustainable foundations. It is a time to become witness to our patterns of behavior, to confront the imprints of our social conditioning and to take responsibility for the outcomes precipitated by our actions. Especially worthwhile given these actions are often driven by subconscious motivations spawned from programming derived from the church, the state, our peer groups, our lineage and from the pool of human DNA.

The vast majority of humanity appears to be driven by deeply embedded core beliefs that personify individuals, communities, societies and nations. We define ourselves religiously, politically, geographically, by skin color, language and countless other delineations that define who we are. We believe who we are based on these definitions. But wrapped in this perspective, based on belief, we lose sight of our source, to which all of life springs forth, forgetting the unity and the commonality of the life experience, the very essence of who we are in spirit.

Then there’s the not so subtle mixed message of religious fanaticism that has impacted the planet for thousands of years. Each time expressed in the name of a belief system determined to be the only correct methodology sanctioned by the creator, and then, justifiably, thrust on others, or defended to the death. The Crusades during the Middle Ages set the tone for the mass exterminations to follow, all designed to eliminate those whose beliefs differed enough from those who yielded the mightier sword and whose delusions propelled their dastardly actions.

Hasn’t it occurred to many after a brief glimpse at history, that the very gods and prophets who are so worthy of defending had no connection to these acts of inhumanity, and apparently promoted a much different message of peace, tolerance and compassion? After a moment of review, it is the intolerance, bigotry, self righteousness and misguided power that have propelled the human story of hatred, war and inhumanity throughout history. It kind of feels like it might be a perfect time to take a breath, go a little deeper and contemplate a different perspective…a walk in nature might be a good place to start.

Given what is occurring with climate disruption and the rate of world population growth with its ever expanding intrusion into what remains of our natural environment, it has become imperative that the human race take a deeper look at the beliefs that fosters separation and alienation from nature and from each other. It is the unity perspective, or a form of belief that considers the rippling effects of our actions with consequences for which we must be conscious, that will drive the thrust toward a sustainable future. 

How can we resist the possibility of becoming more aware, more conscious of our thoughts, even though much of our thought process is spurred by motivations that appear outside of our present awareness? The answer is... we cannot. If we are to prosper through these times of Earth and societal transition, a simultaneous period of decline and evolution, where old institutions, non-serving thought forms and out dated beliefs are stripped away by the shear energy of change, we must seize the opportunity present to adopt new beliefs of what is possible and the knowingness of the power of our thoughts.

As a result of breaking out of the unconscious patterns of belief, and the evolving capacity to form new beliefs based on a less self -centered perspective that includes the premise that every action has some affect on all of life, we grow to encompass an awareness of the common good. So the necessary shift of awareness is a natural evolution of what has been already occurring throughout the centuries. With this, a responsibility and respect for all of life, the belief that through action, word and deed, we can create models of cooperation and right livelihood that will propel us, and the planet in a direction that will be sustainable.

Interestingly, there are thousands of good news stories around the world for every story of strife, war and inhumanity, though these don’t typically make the headlines. Humanity has also evolved a heart, and an inherent belief in the triumph of the human spirit as witnessed in grassroots movements across the globe where people are uniting in the pursuit of peace, freedom and environmental justice, while realizing the instant rewards of harmony and cooperation. This is the beginning of an expanded experience that promises far greater possibilities for humankind.

This evolution begins with each individual who desires to be a proactive part of the solution, and we don’t have to necessarily roll up our sleeves each day in an effort to clean up the mess. We must believe we have the power to grab the reigns of our thoughts and the accompanying feelings, to project a positive future, and in doing our part to transform fear into hope and defeat into triumph, we express our contribution to planetary evolution.

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