The Firebird Corner: Gas Fire Pits Enhance Fall Outdoor Living

Nothing’s cozier than sitting around a cheerful fire in the comfort of your own backyard.

Nothing’s cozier than sitting around a cheerful fire in the comfort of your own backyard. That is why wood fired clay chimeneas have been popular in Santa Fe for many years. Cool fall evenings call for that bit of warmth to extend your outdoor enjoyment. 

New gas products are now taking the concept of backyard fire to another level.

They are inexpensive to operate and offer the utmost in convenience. A twist of the knob or push of a button lights your fire, and just as quickly shuts it off at the end of the evening. There’s no worry about sparks or embers flying about and no smoke blowing in anyone’s face. 

A pre-assembled gas firepit can easily be set on any level surface. A standard propane bottle is hidden under the base of the table. While available in a variety of shapes and finishes, the most common are coffee table height units. Recently, manufacturers have introduced dining and cocktail table-height models, making the firepit a focal point for drinks and dining entertainment. 

Good brands will feature solid construction with weatherproof finishes, convenient electronic ignition, and long-lived stainless steel burners. They will also offer an important safety feature: a flame sensor that shuts off gas flow should wind extinguish the flame. The burner is typically topped with ceramic logs, crushed colored glass, or reflective glass beads. Sports fanatics often lean toward choosing glass in their favorite team colors. 

Gas firepit components are also available separately so that your design ideas can be almost unlimited. Circular burners up to 42 inches in diameter and linear burners six feet long or more set in stone, masonry, or other materials can be integrated into almost any outdoor living space. 

Outdoor gas fireplaces are yet another option when a more traditional or formal look is desired. 

Whatever your choice, outdoor fire makes santa fe’s beautiful fall sunsets a warm experience. For more information visit


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