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Santafe.com | Green Fire Times - August 5, 2013

"Tewa Women United (TWU) is a collective of intertribal, multicultural women who reside in the Tewa Pueblo homelands of northern New Mexico."

Tewa Women United (TWU) is a collective of intertribal, multicultural women who reside in the Tewa Pueblo homelands of northern New Mexico. The organization started in 1989 as a support group for women concerned with the traumatic effects of colonization leading to issues such as alcoholism, suicide, domestic and sexual violence. In the safe space we created, we transformed and empowered one another through critical analysis and by embracing and reaffirming our cultural identity. In 2001 TWU transitioned from an informal, all-volunteer group into a formal nonprofit organization for educational, social and benevolent purposes, particularly with the intention of ending violence against Native women, girls and Mother Earth, and to promote a culture of peace in New Mexico. In honoring our roots, TWU wanted to develop a curricula /program that draws upon our cultural values, language and strengths as Tewa/Pueblo peoples. It comes from our journey to share with our children, our love and dreams for them to grow into powerful, loving, caring and nurturing beings guided by their minds, hearts and Spirits, with ancient and new ways of knowingness.

Vision and Mission

The spirit of TWU is embodied in the Tewa concept of wo watsi, “the breath/spirit of our work.” Our heart’s breath guides our path of life into our daily work. Our breath is our commitment to live life as a prayer and to view life as a cycle, knowing that what we do with unconditional love is exponentially honoring all. TWU’s mission is to provide safe spaces for Indigenous women to uncover the power, strength and skills we possess to become positive forces for social change in our families and communities. As Native women leaders, we also work to reduce harmful environmental impacts, strengthen families and reduce poverty. Every day we work to address the root causes of many health and social justice disparities. 

For more information or to provide some support for Tewa Women United, call 505.747.3259, email info@tewawomenunited.org or visit http://tewawomenunited.org 

Corrine Sánchez is executive director of Tewa Women United.

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