Somewhere dancing…

Date June 26, 2008 at 10:00 PM

Categories Performing Arts


PRIDE-You've got to want it to have it...because no one can give it to you.

It comes from a place within, although felt amongst thousands...witnessed by millions. On a collective level pride can move mountains. In June, the concept is celebrated around the world. Take for instance this weekend, two favorite cities on planet earth, New York and Santa Fe share the same official pride weekend. This is both touching, and a royal pain because I've yet to be in both at the same time. The feeling, however, is definitely shared.

IN SANTA FE ... For many years now, Melanie Moore and her good friend Piper have collided on the dance-floor and declared dreams of collaboration. This Sunday, it will happen. Piper's venue, Melanie's sound system and a tea-dance under the crisp blue sky. Join Piper for the break beat and soulful flare of Miss Ginger, Melanie's arsenal of tunes, agave wines, world class pizza, legendary brews and a summer afternoon on deck in our beloved mountain territory. SUNDAY-(all Ages) BACKROAD PIZZA-1807 2ND ST. / SFE - 3PM till the End.

If you're IN NEW YORK ... Go to the party hosted by Wendy (DoubleDip) and MarathonMuzik's TABU. Tabu and Melanie Moore started MarathonMuzik along with their friend Kwala. Every few weeks we would lace up our track shoes, shoot down to the Lower East Side and make our friends run around the dance floor with them. This NYC Pride event is not for amateurs. Repeat: This is not for amateurs. You will need your track shoes, your endurance and a sense of humor for this one. SUNDAY-THE PORCH - 115 AVE C / NYC - Dark Time till Light time.

"In the flesh, you will find me in Santa Fe. In spirt, it will be New York. In my heart, I will be in both places. To all around the world, I hope to hear you are somewhere DANCING."€ - Melanie Moore