Skiing in Santa Fe

Date January 14, 2008 at 11:00 PM

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Santa Fe Ski Area: Great skiing, Close to Town

You know how it feels when your older brother is captain of the football team, dates all the pretty girls and you stay at home on Saturday nights? That's kind of how the Santa Fe Ski Area is treated in conversations about skiing in Northern New Mexico. When I was skiing in Chamonix a few years ago, non-English speakers would approach me in the middle of a glacier and say the one word they knew, 'Taos!'. Ok. So, Taos is great. I love Taos too. But skiing in Santa Fe is lots of fun and has plenty of advantages.

  • It is so close to downtown Santa Fe that you can practically run up and ski on your lunch hour. (Well, you can at least call your boss and tell him you are having car trouble that afternoon.)
  • The summit is even higher than Taos at 12,053 feet.
  • With the exception of the usual holiday craziness, you can frequently find yourself skiing alone down an untracked, pristine run.
  • From the top lift, you will find challenging, tree, bump and chute skiing.
  • Santa Fe has plenty of great intermediate and beginner terrain for those of us not quite ready to attack a black diamond run.
  • An epic backcountry run, the Big Tesuque, can be easily accessed from the top of the mountain.

Season Schedules are usually from Thanksgiving through Easter