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Date September 6, 2013 at 11:21 AM

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Friday, October 11, 2013 at the Santa Fe Farmers Market

SPREAD is a community dinner that funds artists’ projects and creative initiatives. SPREAD seeks to provide micro-grants for innovative projects conceived by New Mexico-based artists.

For this upcoming SPREAD cycle, SITE invited artists working in ALL disciplines to submit proposals for projects that relate to food.  This can include works by painters and photographers as well as artist activists and farmers that address food issues, food access, farming, nutrition, cooking and dining.  In addition to receiving the funds generated by the SPREAD dinner in October, the winner of SPREAD 4.0 will have the opportunity to have their project represented in SITE’s forthcoming exhibition: FEAST: Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art, opening at SITE in February 2014. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal, and we are very excited to announce the finalists. 

Drum roll, please...

And the finalists are:

The Royal Breadshow
For over two millennia, in many parts of the world, special breads have been used as a vehicle for a call to celebration. Hidden inside these loaves is a small object of symbolic value. When the loaf is portioned, the one who receives the object gains “royalty” and special privileges.
Click here to learn more about this project. 

Mice, Entropy, Evil, and Chocolate
In Albrecht Dürer’s print of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, at Adam’s feet, are a cat and mouse with symbolic meaning. The mouse represents the destructive force of Satan, slowly gnawing away at man’s good work. The cat symbolizes Jesus, who would finally catch Satan after Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross.
Click here to learn more about this project. 

Raising Awareness on the Benefits of Urban Farming through Puppet Show Performances
Gaia Gardens, located in the heart of Santa Fe, is an educational nonprofit organization dedicated to demonstrating and teaching urban farming, incorporating sustainability and permaculture practices.  We believe that lasting ecological health and social well-being can be fostered by rekindling our connection to the Earth and reclaiming our food sovereignty.
Click here to learn more about this project. 

Understudy for Animal Farm
Understudy for Animal Farm is an interactive, performative installation that explores issues of power, status, and identity. The work begins with a custom-built movable cart that I designed to be set up in the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market and to display 30 individual pig masks (or hoods) fashioned out of pillowcases. 
Click here to learn more about this project. 

Mayordomo Project
Acequias are the centuries-old irrigation ditches that traverse our state’s river valleys to deliver water to the agricultural fields that feed our families using traditional, sustainable practices embodied by acequia culture. 
Click here to learn more about this project. 

The Rio Feast Project: The Rio Grande River and its tributaries, watershed, and foodshed communities
The Rio Feast project is a series of regionally foraged and collected community dinners created from a journey beginning at the headwaters of the Rio Grande River, high in the Sangre de Cristo and San Juan mountains of Southern Colorado continuing through its tributaries in New Mexico, Texas, and Mexico finishing its course at the Gulf of Mexico. 
Click here to learn more about this project. 

What stories will your seeds share? SeedBroadcast is a creative broadcasting platform for agri-Culture at its roots: encouraging the seeds, voices, local wisdom, and ecologies that keep food alive and vibrant. 
Click here to learn more about this project. 

Thank you to our SPREAD 4.0 Sponsors

Lead Sponsors:
Lawrence Fodor & John Rochester
Christopher Rocca & David Rosen
Rod Boren
Chris Hill

If you are interested in becoming a SPREAD 4.0 sponsor, please contact Valerie Ingram, ingram@sitesantafe.org505.989.1199 x22

Ticket Information
Because all the ticket proceeds will become the grant for the winning artist proposal, tickets are sold CASH ONLY on a sliding scale $15-$50. Space is limited. Sorry, no phone or email reservations. All tickets will be sold in person at SITE Santa Fe in advance of the event on the following days:

Wednesday, Oct 9
Starting at 6:00 pm, at SITE Santa Fe: Limited tickets will be released for current SITE members only (two tickets per Member in line). Not a member? Join now!

Thursday, Oct 10
ALBUQUERQUE location and sales to be determined.
IN SANTA FE at SITE Santa Fe starting at 6 pm, tickets will be released for general public (two tickets per person in line, please).

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