Shine a Light

Date December 21, 2007 at 11:00 PM

Categories Communications


"The biggest part of sustainability is a quality product-something you won't have to replace for 50 years, instead of seven or eight,"€ says Brother Sun's owner, Kevin Sarr. With such a strong focus on quality and the resources to tailor products, Brother Sun has created a niche selling customized windows and skylights.

The business, named after the 1972 Franco Zeffirelli film Brother Sun, Sister Moon (about St. Francis of Assisi), began as a solar-energy company in 1973. Sarr brought years of experience in construction sales to the table. "At first, we just wanted to sell more windows,"€ Sarr says. "But soon we realized the demand for custom products."€

A tour of the store reveals various types of Low-E glass (a window coating that helps reduce ultraviolet rays and retain solar energy captured inside houses) installed in a model sunroom; window samples laid out in cross sections let shoppers compare the Brother Sun model with a competitor's window. (Brother Sun treats each pane it sells with Low-E.) Sarr maintains that his windows are more durable because, unlike those manufactured with "roll-form cladding,"€ he says, Brother Sun's windows use an "extruded cladding"€ and have the wood milled to form, making a sturdier product.

But Sarr's biggest innovation was to expand product. Brother Sun "can supply a customer with five or six different options,"€ he adds. "We want to sell you what you need."€

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