A Celebration of Local Women Playwrights + Directors

Santa Fe REP Presents Women’s Voices

Featuring monologues written and performed by girls from NMSA and Santa Fe Prep

Date April 19, 2011 at 10:00 PM

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Santa Fe REP
Real Experience for Professionals
Developing New Artists

May 6-8, 13-15: WOMENS VOICES

A Celebration of local Women Playwrights and Directors, featuring monologues written and performed by girls from NMSA and Santa Fe Prep.

Seven plays by local Playwrights will be presented, seven girls from NMSA, and seven girls from SF Prep will perform their monologues in between them.

Not only will WOMENS VOICES feature the work of the listed Playwrights, but also feature the work of these fine Directors and Actors. To accommodate the submissions as well as the girls, both weekends will differ.

The schedule is as follows:

Weekend A: May 6-8, preview 5/5

Playwrights: Elaine Avila, Bronwen Denton Davis, Sallie Bingham
Directors: Suzanne Lederer, Bronwen Denton Davis, kristie karsen
Actors: Alaina Warren Zachary, Therese Olson; Bronwen Denton Davis, Karen Leigh; Lois Viscoli, Matt Sandford, Barbara Hatch
Monologues written and performed by NMSA girls

Weekend B: May 13-15, preview 5/12
Playwrights: Lori Romero, Alice Van Buren, Dale Dunn, Leslie Harrell Dillen
Directors: Wendy Chapin, Kate Kita
Actors: Jody Hegarty, Adam Harvey, Peter Chapman; Mona Malec, Vanessa Rios y Valles, Matt Sandford, Ron Mier; Therese Olson, Lynn Goodwin, Adam Harvey; Leslie Harrell Dillen
Monologues written and performed by Santa Fe Prep girls.

All Performances at Warehouse 21, 1614 Paseo de Peralta: Thurs- Sat @ 7:30 PM, Sundays @ 4PM Tickets online: www.sfrep.org or at the door.

$10 preview Thursday May 5 +12, Friday - Sunday: $18 adults, $15 students

Real Experience for Professionals

The impetus for creating this new group came from the fact that Musicals with experienced adults are rarely done in this town - and certainly, after the casting process, I found we have many talented actors and singers here in Santa Fe. My intention is to not only support these actors by creating an outlet for their talent, but also to serve the community by providing Theatre that is well-cast and smartly envisioned and executed.

Developing New Artists

Santa Fe REP's purpose is to provide professional performing opportunities to both Adults and Teens. After serving on the Teaching Staff at National Dance Institute for nearly four years, I realized the need in this Community for furthering mentorship to teens by providing them professional performing experience with seasoned adults.

Warehouse 21 is our venue of choice, as well as our fiscal sponsor for exactly this reason - to integrate teens into every aspect of Production: Technical, Costuming, Producing, Acting, Music and Choreography.

Mission Statement

To provide high quality, well cast Musical and Contemporary Theatre to both savvy theatre-goers and committed, talented actors. In intimate, in-your-face settings, Santa Fe REP's productions will focus on the actor, book, and music, rather than extensive production values and, in a collaborative spirit, come together with existing theatrical venues to help raise awareness and support for local Theatre in Santa Fe.

REP, short for Repertory, means we will have musicals, contemporary plays, and new works in rotation. Our goal is to present three to four productions per year with a core group of actors and technicians.