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A celebration of all things automotive...

Now in its fourth year, The Santa Fe Concorso is a celebration of all things automotive and attracts enthusiasts from all over the country with a passion for rare, beautiful automobiles. From its inception, the organizers also wanted to do more than just entertain car aficionados. They also saw the event as an opportunity to introduce more people to what Santa Fe offers as a tourist and living destination. And perhaps more importantly, they wanted to give back to the Santa Fe community by supporting youth organizations in the city and county. 

In the first three years of the event, the Concorso (established as a non-profit 501© (3) organization in 2008) has generated well over $50,000 for a variety of youth charities, thanks to the hard work of volunteers, sponsors, and participants. Each year the event attracts more people, resulting in increased donations to charitable organizations. The diverse range of charities that have benefitted from the money raised by the Concorso in 2010 – 2012 include:

  1. Santa Fe Boys and Girls Clubs
  2. Santa Fe Children’s Museum
  3. Pueblo of Pojoaque Boys and Girls Club
  4. Pueblo of Pojoaque Early Childhood Program
  5. Desert Academy Scholarship Fund
  6. Las Campanas Community Fund – establish scholarships for children of Las Campanas employees
  7. National Dance Institute
  8. La Familia Medical Center
  9. Santa Fe Symphony Fanfare Program
  10. Santa Fe Science Initiative

Charities interested in receiving Concorso funds need to apply for consideration and can access the necessary forms and information at

A new scholarship program is being considered by Concorso leadership for students pursuing a degree program related to the automotive field such as engineering, design, technology and the many other disciplines that come into play in the design, manufacture, and marketing of cars and trucks.

“We feel it is important to encourage the next generation of automotive enthusiasts to keep evolving the automobile and its role in society while at the same time helping to create people who will love these magnificent machines as much as previous generations have,” says Concorso President Dennis Little. 

The Santa Fe Concorso is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization benefitting youth organizations of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County, affecting the families of home owners, sellers, and buyers in our real estate community. The Santa Fe Concorso is being profiled as part of the All Things Real Estate “Unique Destinations” series.

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