Renewing Wedding Vows

Editor | Santa Fe Sun Monthly - February 5, 2013

Some people renew their vows in intimate celebrations and others who didn't have a big wedding hold a lavish extravaganza

In this world where divorce, separation and annulments are commonplace, any couple who can manage to stay together through thick and thin deserves some sort of a celebration. If you and your significant other have made it to an anniversary, or if you want to have a do-over wedding, consider a vow renewal.

Yes, whether you’ve just returned from eloping to a Las Vegas wedding chapel on the strip or about to celebrate 25 years of wedded bliss, you really might want to consider a “reaffirmation ceremony. “ A lot of people have this on their mind, repeating the words in front of your nearest and dearest. 

All of these are legitimate reasons for “renewing”, formalizing the elopement, commemorating an anniversary, or just marking a certain time period in our lives. Some people decide to renew their vows and have the big fabulous wedding celebration they couldn’t afford when they first met. Or it could be that we want the whole world to know that you would do it all over again if we could.

Some people got married religiously before and now want to marry legally or maybe the other way around. Of course, who has not encountered some disastrous elements in the first formal wedding and really desire a “do-over.” Others just love the idea of having a romantic interlude where they can arrange every detail without the craziness of the first wedding.

Today most vow renewals tend to be intimate celebrations, with only close friends and family present. Other who didn’t have much money when they started out for the first wedding repeat with a lavish uptown extravaganza and a massive party afterwards. 

The absolute best news about renewals are that here in this ceremony, there are a less “ dos and don’ts “about vow renewal than any other kind of ritual. It can be as simple as the two of you alone at a beautiful mountain stream reciting the vows that you have written, or a very fancy affair with hundreds of guests. 

Whatever you chose, make it exceptional. Of course, Santa Fe just happens to be the most romantic city in the U.S. and there are so many intimate or eccentric locations to choose, that at this time , when you make your renewal vows, it will be exceptional and something to write home about.

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