The Rhythm of Gratitude

Pueblos celebrate Three Kings Day with prayer, food and Buffalo Dance

Date January 6, 2010 at 11:00 PM

Categories Communications


For the past month, Pojoaque Pueblo Gov. George Rivera's family has been busy preparing for feasts. Wednesday's Three Kings Day culminated the celebrations after the Dec. 12 festivity of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the pueblo's patron saint.

On Wednesday, Rivera's mother-in-law, Ann Rita Rosacker, was in the kitchen by 6 a.m., watching over a pewter pot simmering with a red chile and Axis stew. Another pot had chile and elk stew; the oven was packed with sopa and red and green enchilada trays. Toward one end of the adobe kitchen, platters filled with mouthwatering bizcochitos, pastelitos and other pastries for the visitors. The dinner table was set up with white dinner bowls, ready to welcome the first guests: tribal officials and buffalo dancers.

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