Preview: Peter Sarkisian – ‘Video Works, 1994 - 2011’ | THE magazine - April 30, 2013

"Starting this month, fifteen different works by Sarkisian...will be on display at the New Mexico Museum of Art."

Peter Sarkisian, Extruded Video Engine, Large (Version 1) (detail), vacuum-formed thermal plastic, video projection, audio, 39” x 40” x 8”. Pending gift of Cindy Miscikowski and the Ring-Miscikowski Trust.

Peter Sarkisian’s 1999 work "Hover is a Madonna and Child for the Silicon Age"—a young mother, projected at five different angles onto a painted cube, lovingly cradles her small son. Although the two are naked and seem to be trapped within their enclosure, they are placid, needing nothing more than each other and the six walls of their strange, angular womb. The mother begins to shift and slide around and her son mimics her motions. Meanwhile, the projection slowly speeds into fast-forward, and by the end, the two have become one in a slightly unnerving blur of motion and sound. The work, which was featured in the 2002 Whitney Biennial, is at once sculpture and video art—and at once timeless and cutting-edge. Sarkisian, who is based in Santa Fe, has achieved national recognition for his innovative, sometimes whimsical multi-media works. Named Master Video Artist in 2007 by the National Endowment for the Arts, Sarkisian has had his work exhibited at museums worldwide. Starting this month, fifteen different works by Sarkisian, including Hover, will be on display at the New Mexico Museum of Art. To get a better idea of Sarkisian’s world before you go, be sure to visit the artist’s website.

May 4 to August 18.
New Mexico Museum of Art, 107 West Palace Avenue, Santa Fe. 476-5072.
Reception: Friday, May 3, 5-7 pm.

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