Paul Garcia Salon

Date January 14, 2008 at 11:00 PM

Categories Shopping


While visiting my daughter in Santa Fe, she arranged for me to have a day of beauty at the Paul Garcia Salon on Marcy Street for my Mother's Day surprise.

The afternoon started with a fabulous haircut by Reuben. When I arrived at a dinner party with old friends Saturday night, the first thing that came out of their mouths was that I looked 10 years younger with my hair cut like it is. How Good Is THAT?

After my haircut and styling, I went downstairs to have a pedicure and manicure. I have never had such a wonderful treatment on my legs, feet, arms and hands. After soaking my feet in bubbly water, I was treated to a salt and Vitamin E oil mixture rubbed on my legs and feet. I cannot tell you how wonderful that felt. I felt energized after that treatment. I had the same salt and Vitamin E oil mixture rub on my arms and hands, then a thick moisturizing cream was applied.

Next came the paraffin treatment on my hands while I sat with my hands in warming gloves. While my skin was moisturized and rejuvenated I listened to a beautiful recording of flute music that had been made inside a cave. The entire experience was incredibly soothing. I am so impressed at the workout Jeffrey did on my legs, feet and arms. He worked almost an hour on the salt treatment, massage, moisturizing and nail polishing providing an amazing experience.

While I was having my nails painted, Elizabeth, the esthetician said that she had time to work me in between clients for a bit of a brow waxing. It was done perfectly and took no time at all.

I was VERY pleased with all of my beauty treatments that day, especially since everyone thought I looked so much younger with my new haircut!