Outdoor Vision Fest

A Spectacle

Date May 5, 2014 at 12:11 PM

Author Victoria Dailey

Publication Santa Fe University of Art and Design: Journalism

Categories Community Culture Entertainment & Nightlife Festivals


With the slight chill of early Spring circulating through the corridors of Tipton at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design on May 2, the sun goes down and the dazzling lights of Outdoor Vision Fest come to life. The students and community unify to entice their eyes with the splendor of plays on artistic creation and visual and audio extravagance.

Outdoor Vision Fest is a one-evening wonder of digital and artistic design that plays on light, sound and concepts of art within those interactions. With audio and video stimuli around every turn, crowds of people are allured by projections of art on not only the walls, but the ceilings of Tipton as well as installations on display within windows and empty pond beds, and interactive pieces which provoke thought about social issues while having you feeling as if you’re going on a journey to another world entirely. As the skyline deepens, the peak of Tipton is illuminated with a music video of Ruder and the Shockwaves, a band formed on the SFUAD campus. Outdoor Vision Fest is a event pleasing to the eye for the whole family, with so much artistic diversity, each corner unveils new surprises!

From the very start of OVF’s presentation, the eye is enticed with huge projections of psychedelic, vibrant animations that seem to grow in size and ordinance with each piece. A piece titled Luminous Lamina was an exhibit near the entrance from the Photography Department on the SFUAD campus that was, “assembled to highlight the talents of the students,” says creator, C Alex Clark. The eyes acted as the center point of the faces of each photography student and as the faces overlay, they construct an ever-changing, universal face that acts as the physical representation of the department as a whole, and neutralizes the barriers of gender, race and culture.

Clark also was the creator of a projection viewed upon entering OVF that was one of the few pieces created without the help of a computer. Clark said the creative inspiration for the mirrored static came from taking VCR recordings of his girlfriend and, “completely falling in love with the static between cuts,” followed by “playing with various mirror filters which ended up making the static look very computer generated and fit the theme of the night.”

One of the most stunning and memorable exhibits of the night would have to be “The Boom Project” which was a 10x18ft constructed boombox acting as a screen to display colorful animations to music. Six artists collaborated to assemble not only the animation, but the boombox itself. When asked, Caleb Ortega, one of the artists to help in the creation and collaboration of “The Boom Project, expressed his elation at the success of the piece. “This is the fruit of our labor and I’m pretty happy because the fruit’s pretty sweet.” Awe was painted all over spectators faces while the animations rolled and the music played followed by cheers of congratulations from the audience to the creators at the end of the show. “The Boom Project,” Ortega states, “is one of those things that you don’t think it’s going to work until it actually does.” And did it ever.

OVF is a night of inspiration-evoking art that makes viewing artists, regardless of craft, feel they want to further hone in on the creativity exhibited by the creators that put so much effort into the displays. Each year OVF inspires and unites artists, students and citizens of Santa Fe alike with it’s splendor.