Our Collaboration: An Interview with Stephen Etre

"Stephen’s, A Consignment Gallery has found that our four-year partnership with All Things Real Estate is one of the best investments we have made in communicating with consumers"

Date June 5, 2013 at 2:42 PM

Author Rey Post

Publication All Things Real Estate Newsletter

Categories Business Community


The following is an interview with Stephen Etre, co-owner of Stephen's, A Consignment Gallery that was conducted by Rey Post, managing editor and associate broker of Sotheby’s International Realty.

Rey Post: Stephen, as we mark the four-year anniversary of “All Things Real Estate” on June 9, we want to express our appreciation for all the support the gallery has given to us.

Stephen Etre: Appreciation goes both directions on this point, Rey. The gallery has been operating for 30 years and with all of our innovations, I must confess that the partnership with the ATRE radio show, newsletter and website has brought our marketing efforts a very unique and effective set of tools.

RP: We have staged 75 remote broadcasts of the radio show since we launched the program in 2009 and several have been with the gallery at both your annual Fall and Spring Sales events. have these been useful in augmenting all of your other advertising efforts?

SE: The occasions when we have had the radio show airing during one of these events have been among our most successful sales. I not only have the chance to interact with clients while we are broadcasting, but people all over New Mexico and the country are able to hear about the gallery and what we offer via the streaming of the program on SantaFe.com. As you know, Rey, we have also featured some pretty “lively” and spontaneous client testimonials during these broadcasts, which have served as terrific ways for others to hear about the gallery from happy customers.

RP: I know you have also heard from people as a result of reading these newsletter columns, as well as seeing your contact information on our ATRE website, isn’t that true?

SE: Yes, that is absolutely the case. You know, all business people are looking for distinctive ways to deliver a message about the products and services they offer. I have to say that given the number of consumers who read your monthly newsletter and visit your radio show website, there is no doubt that these marketing tools are resonating with our clients as ways for obtaining the latest information about the gallery.

RP: I know that your regular radio show interviews have also proven to be popular with your clients, since many of them are the same home buyers, sellers, and owners, as well as real estate agents, interior designers, estate attorneys, and other real estate professionals who tune into each sunday broadcast.

SE: All in all, Rey, Stephen’s, A Consignment Gallery has found that our four-year partnership with All Things Real Estate is one of the best investments we have made in communicating with consumers. We congratulate you and your colleagues on the success you have enjoyed and are very happy to be called one of your strongest corporate supporters... here’s to the next four years!