Opening Doors

Date December 21, 2007 at 11:00 PM

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Allbright & Lockwood provides not only the hardware but also the know-how to guide a homebuilder or remodeler through the requisite minute areas of decision-making. Arthur and Judith Reeder, who bought and expanded the decorative-hardware business five years ago, say they consider themselves "tour guides."€ "Designing your house,"€ says Judith, "can be an exhausting process."€ But here the shopper feels neither overstimulated nor challenged for diversity. Each of five rooms inside the showroom constellate around a design motif: doors, bathrooms, tile, lighting solutions, and cabinets. Handforged door accoutrements do more than lock: An Englishmade open-strike-bar latch in cast iron harks back to medieval times, while a modern French design in stainless steel curves down and swirls back to form a handle. Cabinet fixtures come in a selection from bronze spirals to zoomorphic designs inlaid with multicolored seashells. Likewise, an array of tile in various colors and degrees of incandescence adorns the walls. Accessories vary in price from "midrange affordable,"€ says Judith, to the high end.

The Reeders shop for their selections all over the world:

Brazil, China, England, France, India, Italy, Mexico, and Spain. In addition to carrying product lines, they plan custom lighting. In every facet, the Reeders "prefer doing business on a personal basis,"€ says Judith. People enter the door as customers, she adds, and leave as friends.

621 Old Santa Fe Trail, Suite 5, 505-986-1715