November Art Openings

Date October 31, 2009 at 10:00 PM

Author Editor

Publication THE magazine

Categories Performing Arts


Friday, October 30

Masley Gallery, Masley Hall, University of New Mexico, Alb. 505-277-4112. The Circle of Creativity: Teachers Inspiring Students and Students Inspiring Teachers: work by UNM art educators and their students. 5-7 pm.

OFFCenter Community Arts Project, 808 Park Ave SW, Alb. 505-247-1172. Threads From the Dead… Who Are You From?: annual Día de los Muertos exhibit. 5-8 pm.

Santa Fe Clay, 1615 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe. 984-1122. Chris Staley: Harmony and Dissonance: new work. 5-7 pm.

Saturday, October 31

RioBravoFineArt, 110 N. Broadway, Truth or Consequences. 575-894-0572. The Day of the Dead: work in various media. 6-9 pm.

Sunday, November 1

Las Chivas Coffee House, 7 Avenida Vista Grande, Eldorado. 466-1010. Barbara Carter: fine art photography. 1-3 pm.

Friday, November 6

Bright Rain Gallery, 206 1/2 San Felipe NW, Alb. 505-843-9176. Kellie Pickard: new work. 5-8 pm.

Center for Contemporary Arts, 1050 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe. 982-1338. The Persistence of Vision: paintings and sculptures by Marcellin Simard. 5-8 pm.

Golden Dawn Gallery, 201 Galisteo St., Santa Fe. 988-2024. Changing Woman: work by Helen Hardin. 5-8 pm.

High Mayhem, 2811 Siler Ln., Santa Fe. 501-3333. Transformer: drawings by Christopher St. John. 6-8 pm.

James Kelly Contemporary, 1601 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe. 989-1601. Wes Mills and Susan York: graphite-on -aper works. 5-7 pm.

Manitou Galleries, 123 W. Palace Ave., Santa Fe. 986-0440. William Haskell and Steve Worthington: paintings by Haskell. Sculpture by Worthington. 5-7:30 pm.

Marigold Arts, 424 Canyon Rd., Santa Fe. 982-4142. Estate Collection Folk Art from Around the World: folk art and textiles. 5-7 pm.

Mariposa Gallery, 3500 Central Ave. SE, Alb. 505-268-6828. Debra Colonna: jewelry. Jaci Fischer: folk art. Fred Yost: pastelS and calligraphy. 5-8 pm.

Matrix Fine Art, 3812 Central Ave. SE, Suite 100-B, Alb. 505-268-8952. Hypnotic Pulse: paintings by Susan Reid. 5-8 pm.

New Grounds Print Workshop & Gallery, 3812 Central Ave. SE, Suite 100-B, Alb. 505-268-8952. Fusion: prints by Suzanne Marshall. 5-8 pm.

Riva Yares Gallery, 123 Grant Ave., Santa Fe. 984-0330. Cellulae: sculptures by Jeff Overlie. 5-7 pm.

Santa Fe Modern, 1512 Pacheco Park, Santa Fe. 992-0505. Dana Waldon: photographs. Tres Chicas: photography and jewelry. 5-7 pm.

Skotia Gallery, 150 W. Marcy St. Ste 103, Santa Fe. 820-0113. Contend: paintings of boxers and grapplers by Steve Huston. 5:30-7:30 pm.

Sumner & Dene, 517 Central Ave. NW, Alb. 505-842-1400. Secret Keepers and Fabulous Friends: work by Ruth Morris. 5-9 pm.

Warehouse 21, 1614 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe. 989-4423. Grace: sculptural works by Gigi Gaulin. 5-8 pm.

Saturday, November 7

Museum Store and Lloyd Kiva New Gallery, 108 Cathedral Pl., Santa Fe. 983-1666. Jewelry Extravaganza: work by gallery artists. Noon-2 pm.

Thursday, November 12

Primitive Edge Gallery, IAIA Campus, 83 Avan Nu Po Rd., Santa Fe. 424-2361. Senior Thesis Exhibit: work by senior IAIA students. 5-7 pm.

Friday, November 13

Aaron Payne Fine Art, 213 E. Marcy St., Santa Fe. 995-9779. Modernist Views of New Mexico: landscapes. Lawrence Calcagno–Selected Works from the Estate: work by Calcagno. 5-7 pm.

Artistas de Santa Fe, 228-B Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe. 982-1320. Small Works: woodcuts, encaustics, book art, ceramics, paintings, and photography. 5-7 pm.

Bluechip Contemporary, 112 San Francisco St., 2nd floor, Santa Fe. 820-0562. Content: Charles Herbstreith: abstract, non-objective images. 5-8 pm.

Gerald Peters Gallery, 1011 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe. 954-5714. Roz Chast: original cartoons on paper. 5-7 pm.

Goldleaf Gallery, 627 W. Alameda, Santa Fe. 988-5005. Solo Show: work by Cami J. Wedel. 5:30-7:30 pm.

Santa Fe Art Institute, 1600 St. Michael’s Dr., Tipton Hall, Santa Fe. 424-5050. Memory: Shadow and Light: art as individual or collective memory. 5-7 pm.

Transcendence Design, 1521 Upper Canyon Rd., Santa Fe. 984-0108. Earth, Seed, Tree, River: The Dance of Nature: art inspired by nature. 5-7 pm.

Turner Carroll Gallery, 725 Canyon Rd., Santa Fe. 986-9800. Rex Ray: new work by Ray. 5-7 pm.

Saturday, November 14

Main Street Gallery, 108 Main St., Truth or Consequences. 575-894-0087. Outside the Box: work by Terry Allen Rubin, and by Artists of the Black Range, New Mexico. 6-9 pm.

Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian, 704 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe. 982-4636. Frank Buffalo Hyde: new work by Hyde. 5-7 pm.

Zane Bennett Contemporary Art, 435 S. Guadalupe St., Santa Fe. 982-8111. Diverse Propositions: The Best of Zane Bennett: work by gallery artists. 3-5 pm.

Friday, November 20

Eight Modern, 231 Delgado St., Santa Fe. 995-0231. Double Entendre: work by Fay Ku. 5:30-7:30 pm.

Friday, November 27

1228 Parkway Art Space, 1228 Parkway Drive, Unit F, Santa Fe. 501-6090. On Being and Time: cast-glass sculpture and paintings by Carol Nicola. 4-8 pm.

Monroe Gallery, 112 Don Gaspar, Santa Fe. 992-0800. On the Town: photographs of cities and towns. 5-7 pm.

Saturday, November 28

Parks Gallery, 127 Bent St., Taos. 575-758-0343. Dime con Quien Andas: group show. 4-6 pm.