(no)stalgia opens at Axle Contemporary March 8, 2013

A new exhibit explores how technology affects nostalgia

Date March 4, 2013 at 9:27 AM

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From an Axle Contemporary press release...

(no)stalgia, an installation by cannupahanska luger opens March 8 at Axle Contemporary under the Farmers Market shade structure, 5-7 p.m.

Being surrounded by WiFi, high speed Internet and social media, time seems to have collapsed. We barely have time to interact with the now. Like foodie Tom Haverford on TV's “Parks and Rec,” it is more important to Instagram our meal than it is to eat it.  For cannupahanska it is this tendency that is making nostalgia practically instantaneous and meaningless.
Exploring this thought, cannupahanska created the installation (no)stalgia for Axle Contemporary.  A full-scale deer appears eviscerated. Its innards, tattered remains of thrift store clothes and materials, spilling out onto Axle’s floor.  An animal like us, the deer represents a life destroyed by empty nostalgia, where nothing is harvested and all is waste. To see more of cannupahanska luger visit cannupahanska.com