Snow Poems: Night of Illumination in Pictures

# 4, 213 E. Marcy St., Nina Koh. All Photos by Luke Montavon.

Night of Illumination was the Feb. 22 culminating event for the Snow Poems project, featuring locally created poetry in public space. A complete map is available online.

# 3, 101 W. Marcy St., Jesse Wood

# 2BC. 201 W. Marcy St., Miriam Sagan

# 2A, 201 W. Marcy St., Marc Seabock

#8, 142 W. Palace Ave., Mateo Martinez

#7, 125 N.Guadalupe St., Front Entrance, Lauren Whitehurst

#7, 125 N.Guadalupe St., Back, Katherine Kubarski

#13, 328 Montezuma Ave., Christian Nardl

#16, 328 S. Guadalupe St. Ste. E., Wayne Lee

#26, 600 Old Santa Fe Trail., Lauren Camp

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