New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union Announces $4 Million in Community Member Returns

"Each qualifying NMEFCU member will receive their dividend tonight by direct deposit to their account."

Date January 31, 2013 at 3:41 PM

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New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union announces "Earn Your Return," a member benefit that returns dividends to its members and their communities based on their consolidated financial relationship with the credit union.  Today NMEFCU returns over $4 million to its qualifying members.

"Earn Your Return" is a NMEFCU member benefit that allows member-owners to earn an economic return by participating in more financial services with their cooperative. Loan and credit card balances are combined with checking and saving balances to determine the dividend each member receives.

“This year’s $4,000,000 return was earned by our members through their participation in the credit union,” says CEO Terry Laudick.  “As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we return the credit union’s financial success to the member-owners.  The more relationships they have, the more they earn.”

Each qualifying NMEFCU member will receive their dividend tonight by direct deposit to their account.

Through the Community Rewards member benefit, NMEFCU member-owners earn even greater returns through their Visa Debit Card signature-based purchases. Members receive a return and, on their behalf, NMEFCU contributes to nonprofit organizations throughout the communities in which the member-owners live and work .

Community Rewards funding supports education, healthcare, the arts, environment and wildlife and community organizations. Since launching the Community Rewards program in 2006, NMEFCU has returned nearly $6 million to its member-owners and the nonprofit organizations in their chosen categories.