Variety's 10 Greatest Locations on Earth

New Mexico, Darling of the Film Industry

Date August 9, 2009 at 10:00 PM

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Variety's 10 Greatest Locations on Earth

Variety recently conducted an online poll among several hundred prominent location managers, UPM's, AD's and cinematographers asking them to rate locations in North America and around the world. These professionals picked their favorites using the following criteria:

• Visual appeal (dramatic scenery, urban intensity, fresh look, etc.)
• Ability to substitute for another location (Toronto for New York, etc.)
• Incentives (including rebates, tax credits, co-production opportunities)
• Film office support (permitting, local cooperation, etc.)
• Production resources (crews, stages, equipment rental, etc.)

Here's what they told us.

The 10 greatest locations in North America are:

1. California, including Los Angeles and its surrounding area, San Diego, San Francisco, and countless spots throughout the state.

2. New York, including Manhattan and the rest of New York City, as well as upstate locations.

3. New Mexico, including Albuquerque, other cities, and picturesque remote areas.

4. Chicago, a muscular urban center with many resources.

5. Louisiana, including New Orleans, other cities and parishes, and rural areas.

The 10 Greatest locations in the rest of the world are:

1. Morocco, including Marrakesh, Fez, Rabat and the country's landscapes.

2. France, including Paris, Provence and the Dordogne region.

3. Prague, a beautiful, film-friendly city.

4. Spain, including Madrid, Barcelona and the Canary Islands.

5. The U.K., with London Edinburgh among its top spots.

They also cited the following locations for their particular strengths:

For visual appeal:

Croatia, Hawaii and Panama

For the ability to double for other locations:

Arizona, Buenos Aires and Iceland

For their incentive programs:

Georgia (U.S.), Jordan and Michigan

For their supportive film offices:

Connecticut, Utah and Vancouver

And for their production resources:

Sydney, Montreal and Toronto