Must See Art Shows: April 15 - 30

Date April 16, 2008 at 10:00 PM

Author Aline Brandauer


Categories Performing Arts


The season is warming up literally and figuratively in Santa Fe's art galleries. Starting in mid-April people hit the streets in anticipation of fun parties, big crowds and art for a variety of tastes.

Friday, April 18

The late Elmer Schooley painted painstaking pointillist landscapes that allow the viewer to fall into their lush and often edge-to-edge reality. On Friday, April 18, Meyer East Gallery 225 Canyon Road, (5-7pm) opens an exhibition of Schooley's work, aptly titled A New Mexico Legend. "Skinny"€ Schooley layered tiny dots of intense color over large canvases that appear to scintillate and capture that marvellous sense of fresh light in nature.

At HunterKirkland Contemporary 200-B Canyon Road from 5 - 7 pm, Houston painter Joan Bohr opens New Horizons, further developing her paintings on wood panel. Bohr works the surfaces of her vertical panels over and over in an attempt to depict abstract landscapes of the mind.

Robin Daniels opens a solo show at Canyon Road Contemporary Art, 403 Canyon Road, from 5 - 7 pm. Her work continues to layer meanings and references to the natural world on structured underpinnings.

Gebert Contemporary, 558 Canyon Road, opens two exciting, stylish shows from 5 -7 pm. Mexican artist - and daughter of uber-intellectual Enrique Krauze - Perla Krauze reflects on the Southwest in Traces: new paintings, sculptures, works on paper. Krauze was an artist-in-residence at the Santa Fe Art Institute where she had a chance to explore the surrounding landscapes and culture-scapes. Mesa Verde, Canyon de Chelly and even Trinity Site provided fodder for her work. "Some kind of a trace of the real thing is very important to me to start to convey the memory of the site, and from there the work begins to build,"€ says the artist. Her often ethereal-seeming works of art in two and three dimensions are grounded in memories and experience. Krauze enriches us with the autochthonous made ineffable. In Tideline, Vera Sprunt uses a hybrid process of photographic collage, gouache and mylar to explore "the eternal fragility of light."€ Lush, subtle and just ever-so slightly camp, Sprunt's images evoke the soul bathing in light.

Artists in Northern New Mexico tirelessly donate art to good causes. Goldleaf Gallery, 627 West Alameda, (5:30 - 7:30 pm) honors them in Superstars of Santa Fe. In an attempt to make their civic actions more visible-so that we can thank them for all they do, the inimitable Marty Horowitz and staff exhibits work by some of our most creative citizens.

Down in the Railyard, Santa Fe Clay, 1615 Paseo de Peralta (5-7 pm) showcases five artists in Emerging Talent. Naomi Cleary, Myung-Jin Kim, Vince Palacios, Shoko Teruyama and Kensuke Yamada explore ceramic frontiers.

Friday, April 25

Rock on at Andrew Smith Gallery, 122 Grant Avenue, (5-7pm) where you can see Rolling Stone Covers: work by Baron Wolman. Wolman was Rolling Stone's first official photographer and went on to help define the visuals of an era. Rock guitarist Phil Brown will play a set of tunes by the pictured music icons at the opening. Continue the "€˜feeling"€ by going to the after-party at The Santa Fe Brewing Company with The Wailers!

On a more somber photographic note, images from the late famed photojournalist Eddie Adams studio archive will be on display at Monroe Gallery, 112 Don Gaspar (5 -7 pm). Adams is perhaps best known for the shocking image of General Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing a Viet Cong prisoner in Saigon, for which he won a Pulitzer Prize. Adams later displayed his intelligent humanity by decrying the necessary "€˜half-truth' in a photograph like this one. What, he implied, might any one of us have done under those circumstances.

Artist/mystic Sandra Duran Wilson presents mixed media in The Doors: exploration of time and sound at Artistas de Santa Fe Gallery, 228 B Old Santa Fe Trail (5 - 7 pm).

New Concept Gallery, 610 Canyon Road features Photography Exhibition: a selection of photographs including animals, ancient locations and images of Africa.

At Zane Bennett, 826 Canyon Road, (5- 7 pm) Brad Harte curates 5 x 5: work by five contemporary printmakers. With a wide range of style and technique this exhibit is a peek into contemporary printmaking. In One of a Kind: mixed-media photographs by Tony Soulie, the artist continues to explore his quirky fetishism of the everyday leading back into a classic primitivizing impulse. Soulie wants to find the root instincts everywhere from huge megacities to indigenous communities.

Finally, the last Friday of the month is open house for the Delgado Street galleries. Make sure to veer off Canyon Road and peek in to this eclectic group of art spaces. (5 to 8 pm)