Love & Peace at ART Santa Fe

Date July 7, 2014 at 11:53 AM

Author Staff

Categories Art Markets & Galleries


Brilliant red flowers are coming into bloom all over the world-including at ART Santa Fe. Croatian born artist, Ana Tzarev's epic Love & Peace Campaign, which began in 2012 at Saatchi Gallery in London, has been moving all over the world, from Beijing's Today Art Museum, to Venice's Museo Diocesano d'Arte Sacra Sant'Apollonia during the 55th Biennale, to the ArtScience Museum in Singapore and Dag Hammarskjold Plaza near the United Nations in New York City. Each installation brings one of Tzarev's 3.5 meter fiberglass flower sculptures to blossom in a prominent location - one piece of a global bouquet. ART Santa Fe is proud to feature Magenta Love poppy as the fair's welcoming centerpiece in the Love & Peace Campaign's debut appearance in the American West.

Tzarev's poppies, water lilies, magnolias, chrysanthemums and bird of paradise blooms will tour internationally through 2017. Since 2012, Tzarev's flower sculptures have been showcased in Paris, Prague, Shenzhen, Monaco, Rome and New York. Recently, Tzarev's Peace lily was selected for inclusion in China's second annual Xinjiang Biennale.

Tzarev's vision for the Love & Peace Campaign sculpture series is to create a universal experience capable of transcending differences and cultural divides. This is founded on two beliefs: that people can find common ground through the appreciation of nature's beauty and that art possesses the transformative power to foster goodwill and unity. As Tzarev has said of her campaign, "My dream is for my flowers to act as beacons and rallying points across the planet - bringing people together on a global scale."    

Xinjiang Biennale curator and Peking University Professor Peng Feng has said of Tzarev's sculptures: "Her exhibitions have so deeply touched audiences on all continents... Ana uses flowers and passion, love and peace to break down cultural barriers and to herald the advent of a new culture adapted to the globalized age."

To learn more about the Love & Peace Campaign, visit Tzarev's website