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Fort Marcy Recreation Complex Offers New Activities

Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Modern Dance and Ultimate Frisbee

by Editor publication

May 24, 2013 Health & Beauty, Local News & Sports, Outdoors & Recreation

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The Extraordinary Gift of Being Curious

'...the real journey of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes'

by George & Sedena Cappannelli publication Santa Fe Sun Monthly

April 10, 2013 Authors & Literature, Culture, Health & Beauty

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The Wealth of Health: Oriental Medicine as a New Mexico Resource

"The Health Security Plan, which was submitted again in this year’s Legislature, is a framework that could cover most of us and have a real shot at controlling costs"

by Elene Gusch publication Green Fire Times

April 3, 2013 Community, Green Living, Health & Beauty

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Could You Have a Case of the Sugar Blues? Ways to Move from Sad to Happy

"Develop a toolbox of activities you enjoy, social connections that support you and a daily diet that can smooth out the Sugar Blues!"

by Dr. Sue Perry publication Santa Fe Sun Monthly

March 6, 2013 Food, Health & Beauty

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Faircare: A New Paradigm of Healing in Healthcare

"...people with a practical vision of how to create a sustainable healthcare system"

by Seth Roffman publication Green Fire Times

February 8, 2013 Business, Community, Health & Beauty

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Light and Dark Chocolate

"From the age of antiquity to our modern times, cacao has been called the 'Food of the Gods' "

by Keith Guambana Smith publication Santa Fe Sun Monthly

January 8, 2013 Culture, Food, Health & Beauty

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Santa Fe Food Policy Council

"Working together for the health of our community."

by Alena Paisano publication Green Fire Times

January 7, 2013 Community, Family, Food, Health & Beauty, Nonprofit

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Santa Fe Community College Hosts Free Flu Vaccine Clinic Tuesday, October 16, 9 a.m.

" Free flu immunizations on Tuesday, Oct. 16, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., or while supplies last"

by Editor publication

October 9, 2012 Community, Family, Health & Beauty, Local News & Sports

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Food for Thought: Native Beans

"Within their seed bank are thousands of years of plant evolution"

by THE magazine

August 7, 2012 Culture, Food, Health & Beauty

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Shopping Downtown Santa Fe

"Just a few lovely spots contributing to making shopping the number two reason visitors flock to the City Different"

by Greta Chapin McGill publication

June 25, 2012 Community, Health & Beauty, Shopping

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Beyond Hand-Sanitizer: Alternative Options for Staying Healthy During a Santa Fe Winter

"...the city is a mecca for holistic/complementary healing additional options for staying healthy in the winter abound"

by Staci Golar publication

February 1, 2012 Education Lectures & Workshops, Health & Beauty

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New Mexico Veterinary Medical Association Elects New President

"T. Murt Byrne, DVM has been elected as the president of the New Mexico Veterinary Medical Association"

by Editor publication

January 27, 2012 Family, Health & Beauty

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Romancing Santa Fe

"Santa Fe offers endless ways to celebrate this day devoted to romance"

by Lynn Cline publication

January 27, 2012 Entertainment & Nightlife, Health & Beauty

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Tai Chi and Kung Fu Classes Offered at Fort Marcy Sports Complex

"Tai Chi is an internal style of slow flowing movements with health benefits..."

by Editor publication

January 9, 2012 Education Lectures & Workshops, Green Living, Health & Beauty

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Family of Country Music Legend Waylon Jennings Hits the Right Note with the ‘Waylon Fund’

"Fund supports TGen research into diabetes and its associated complications"

by Editor publication

November 16, 2011 Education Lectures & Workshops, Health & Beauty

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Warehouse 21 hosts...

Rock for Food: A Food Drive for Santa Fe’s Hungry, Nov. 12

"All proceeds from the event will benefit the work of The Food Depot, Kitchen Angels and the Youth Shelter..."

by Ana June publication

October 19, 2011 Entertainment & Nightlife, Family, Health & Beauty, Nonprofit

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October is breast cancer awareness month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Local Events

by Editor publication

October 7, 2011 Education Lectures & Workshops, Health & Beauty, Nonprofit

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