Join the Unified Voice | - November 28, 2011

"It is Unicopia's intent to be a unifying agent in helping to build a consensus for the evolution of sustainable community consciousness"

The decades have passed with barely a whimper of civil disobedience. The media, far less controlled in those earlier times, brought the Vietnam War into everyone’s living room every evening at 6 & 11 p.m. Journalists were allowed on the front lines, vivid images of the ugliness of war penetrated our psyche and there was plenty of suffering to go around. It fanned the flames of the anti-war movement. Now it appears easier to accept the agony of war when the portrayal is glossed over with slick packaging, a video game perspective of robotic weaponry allowing human targets to feel, well, less than human. But, of course, our young men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan have found their experience far more distressing than an evening with an X-box and a joystick. In fact, not much has changed since the 1960s in that regard, war is still… war.

The banks, the corporations, the war machine--they all conspire to hold the public hostage, brainwashing our sensibilities, clouding our reasoning. The health care system is rigged to sell us countless drugs with unproven side effects while offering assistance in numbing the senses. The extractive industries--i.e, oil, gas, coal and uranium, with their massive lobbying presence and bankrolls--crank their propaganda machine, cash in on record breaking profits quarter after quarter and attempt to convince us with blue skies and slick graphics that natural gas is the clean energy future, and nuclear energy is carbon free and renewable.

The sheer level of greed to the denial of climate science, the health of the populace and the damage to the earth, the air and water…it all adds up to a mega sham! The banks, being bailed out to the tune of 800 billion in tax payer dollars, are sitting on massive amounts of cash and refusing to loan money during the biggest downturn the housing industry has seen. They, too, have figured out how to manifest record-breaking profits, while the public suffers from joblessness and the worst economy in memory.

Here are two contrasting economies with mega funds flowing out of the hands of the masses into the grubby hands of a few. So, alas, people have taken to the streets. The Occupy Movement is the most impressive show of public discontent since those Vietnam protests of the late 60s and early 70s. The 99% are beginning to find their voice, perhaps feeling a bit powerless for too long. It’s not hard to recapture George W. Bush’s smug face during his press conferences; there wasn’t even the typical attempt at deception. He told us, point blank, he was the mouthpiece for the banks, the wealthy, oil and gas , the military/industrial complex, and then he’d smirk, as if to say…”You’re all being screwed, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

The people are now refusing to be screwed while the perpetrators thumb their noses. It is decidedly the time for taking back our power. Sure, there is a major amount of pent up personal frustration, but it is also a time for clear, positive and purposeful thought in action.

On November 11th, 2011, (11.11.11) The Unicopia Clean Energy Summit was held as the first in a series of conferences at the Unicopia Center, aka, The Emerald Home. A partial list of presenters included State Senator Peter Wirth, House Representative Brian Egolf, Public Regulatory Commissioner Jason Marks, Santa Fe County Commissioner Kathy Holian, County Energy Specialist Craig O’Hare, Santa Fe Community College Sustainable Technologies Director Randy Grissom and City Councilman Chris Calvert. Also present were numerous community activists, grassroots organizations, environmental non-profit organizations, trade associations, building and energy experts and concerned citizens.  Included were the Sierra Club, Conservation Voters New Mexico, Santa Fe County League of Women Voters, New Energy Economy, Santa Fe Green Building Council and more.

The mission of the Unicopia Alliance is to build public awareness and participation, provide a unified political voice, and promote conscious activism in creating our sustainable future. This effort includes building an expanding network of progressive political leaders, educators, environmental non-profits, grassroots organizations, community activists, energy and building experts, green businesses and the general public. Our goal is to stimulate a ground swell of consensus and action from our citizenry, as well as an understanding of the power of positive thought and unity awareness. Various participating organizations and persons will have a seat on our advisory council, which will decide issues and action items for the Alliance. First we imagine, and then we unite to create the future we wish to live.

Green Talk Radio provides a weekly platform for solutions, both in thought and action, which are essential to personal and planetary healing. The expanding perception that we share a common experience will foster harmony with the Earth and each other. This, then, is the antidote to exploitation and greed. The shift from a cultural predominance of competition and separation to a deep acceptance of our true relationship to the whole will ultimately transmute fear into faith, worry into happiness, hate into love, war into peace, darkness into light. The power of this held vision by millions will shift the momentum toward a future of unity and prosperity.

We are partnering with the New Mexico Green Chamber to help align with green businesses from around the state. We are meeting with leadership from the Occupy Movement and, to help steer active citizens toward policy and action items that will create immediate impact. Our outreach includes the prompting of grassroots organizations and the public toward participation in the legislative process. We are building a powerful and unified voice through our expanding network of green businesses, environmental, arts, social justice and Native American organizations. It is our intent to be a unifying agent in helping to build a consensus for the evolution of sustainable community consciousness. We are open to your participation. So, please visit and become a part of the expanding, unified voice.

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