James Reid Ltd.

Date January 14, 2008 at 11:00 PM

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Designs That Travel The World

James Reid, Ltd. is Santa Fe's best known maker of belt buckles and accessories in silver and gold by virtue of integrity of design and quality of execution. Established in 1979, the house is famous both for original interpretations of Western Americana as well as for designs that transcend local design and aspire to the international; its objectives are born both of its regional origins as well as of its aspirations to the broader world of contemporary design - to create "designs that travel the world"€.

"Our sources are classic, and we return to them again and again."€

James Reid, Ltd. was founded with the intent of creating hallmarked, high quality designs of the revivalist movement. It was also important from the beginning to develop new directions that would take the craft beyond the limitations of revivalism: that such might be a starting place to develop a unique tradition, and that the label ultimately might be thought of as not limited by its association with the Southwest.

"Innovation is the byproduct of the pursuit of the ideal and inspiration the reward of diligence."€

The current James Reid, Ltd. workshop is sophisticated, both in technique and in the range of its vision. While the early James Reid, Ltd. gold and silver smiths were largely self taught, the tradition of passing the craft through hands-on experience continues. Many of its most successful designs establish a 'post-western' style in which traditional influences have been incorporated into a contemporary framework. Belt buckle designs may appear to be as much Italianate as Western in origin. "Our primary objective is good design, and our range is eclectic. Good designs have a strong affinity for each other. A common denominator of quality can do much to bring unity to ideas from divergent sources."€