Incorporating Architectural Elements | - March 19, 2012

"Next time you’re out and spot something unusual, think about its possibilities"

It’s about the mix…incorporating architectural elements into your home.

It’s very popular right now to talk about the mix. The mix relates to high and low, using reflective surfaces with matte finishes, honed versus polished services, using metals and recycled woods in the same piece of furniture, or combined as in a bathroom.

Whether it’s how we dress or how we use design elements, the mix truly creates a distinctive look, which is a reflection of you. One way to create a personal impact in your home is to incorporate an architectural element. Always choose something that speaks to you. An iron grill can sink into an exterior wall, creating a window. Columns or pottery can be made into lamps. Think about displaying your favorite sculpture or folk art piece in a wall nicho. Use a wood or stone remnant as a fireplace mantel.

The uses for one-of-a-kind doors are endless: When used at the entry, a door provides a design element that will make a statement every time you drive up to your home. I love to use antique doors at the entry to a master suite or, for that matter, at the entry to any special room. Doors can also be made into console tables, coffee tables, headboards or a beautiful dining table top (which works well with a contemporary iron base).

Next time you’re out and spot something unusual, think about its possibilities.

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