If This House Could Talk

Riverfront Serenity in Mora County

Date June 26, 2008 at 10:00 PM

Publication SantaFe.com

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(Written by Gena M. Prince)

Where are you located?

The property is nestled away from the hustle and bustle of daily life in the scenic and serene Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Mora County New Mexico. The closest town is Cleveland where we get our mail and visit with the local people. Down the road is the town of Mora also known as Santa Gertrudis de lo de Mora. Traveling to this picturesque area is easy. From Santa Fe you take I-25 North to Las Vegas and then NM 518 North to Mora. (Mora is halfway between Las Vegas and Taos.) Go just a few miles past Mora and turn left at the Fire Station on State Road B-28. We like to call this road the Rio de la Casa Road, as it winds along with the Rio de la Casa River. The total land area of the county of Mora is less than 2,000 square miles, largely made up of the Carson and Santa Fe National Forests, two state parks and many historical areas.

What is the history of this area?

In the late 1700s Hispanic settlers under Governor de Anza made peace with the Comanche Indians and opened up the east side of the Sangre de Cristo for settlement. By 1835 Mora was a formal farming community. Within ten years the Taos Revolt began and in 1847 the Battle of Mora occurred and US troops defeated the insurgents. However, most of the town, nearby ranches and crops were destroyed. The same insurgents who had fled rebuilt the area and, when Fort Union was established along the Santa Fe Trail, these farmers sold their crops to the fort. Today the population of Mora is still 90% Spanish decent, with many residents having lived together peacefully for generations. Amongst the traditions of this area are the curanderas, traditional female folk healers, who often use herbs and other natural remedies to cure illnesses.

When were you built and what is the construction like?

Located on 15 acres of riverfront property, the house was built 10 years ago by the founders of Creston College, a spiritual retreat on approximately 200 acres in the same area. The four bedroom, three bath, split level house is a passive solar which utilizes the natural light of the valley. The house, constructed of timber and frame, has soaring cathedral style ceilings in the living room and large picturesque windows throughout (which allow for incredible views from every room). The living room, kitchen and dining rooms are all open and emphasized by a Franklin wood stove nestled in an open hearth (perfect to cozy up to in the winter with a steaming cup of cocoa and a good book). In the spring, summer and fall, my owners love to spend time of the deck located just off of the dining room, listening to the rushing river just 200 feet away. They also enjoy the garden that is irrigated by a bubbling acequia. Wildlife in the area is abundant and the deer love to venture right up to me.

What is the surrounding area like?

The surrounding area is exquisite-nothing upscale like Santa Fe or Albuquerque, definitely a rural setting, restful and relaxing. Many say it's the most beautiful place in all of New Mexico. With the riverfront running all year long there's an abundant supply of water, even in the winter. And while we do get quite a bit of snow, because we are in the valley, the temperatures are milder than Mora or Las Vegas.

Who would be the ideal buyer?

The current owners live here full time and work from home with DSL access. With the increase in individuals who telecommute, that is a possibility for just about anyone. This house would also make a great second or vacation home for someone who wants to live here only 3 or 4 months out of the year. I'm a popular destination for visits from friends and family. On 15 acres alone there are plenty of activities like hiking, fishing and horseback riding. Close by is the charming Morphy Lake State Park and Morphy Peak. A little farther south is Storrie Lake, perfect for boating and windsailing. In the winter your choice of ski resorts includes Sipapu, Angle Fire and Taos Ski Valley.

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