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Teatro Paraguas's Upcoming Poetry Reading by Santa Fe Poets Angelo Jaramillo and Argos MacCallum

Date June 15, 2010 at 10:00 PM

Publication SantaFe.com

Categories Performing Arts


As part of Teatro Paraguas’s (TP) ongoing poetry and music series, Son de domingo, local poets Angelo Jaramillo and Argos MacCallum will read original poetry at Teatro Paraguas Studio (3221 Richards Lane in the Richards Lane Business Park) on Sunday, June 27, 2010, at 6:30 P.M.

Angelo Jaramillo, a playwright, actor, director and poet, is a native Santa Fean.  He has published two volumes of poetry with Sunstone Press, The Darker: Tales of a City Different and Psalms of Anarchy.  A graduate of New Mexico Highlands University and the northern regional coordinator for the New Mexico Department of Higher Education Gear-Up Program (a retention program for high school students), Angelo has written and directed two plays for TP, had leading acting roles in the company’s productions of Parted Waters and Relative Good, and was an ensemble actor in Me llamo barro: la poesia de Miguel Hernandez.

Angelo’s poetry continues to be “irreverent and rebellious.”  He also pointed out that poetry has always been an essential part of TP’s mission: The inaugural production of the company was a reading of the work of Pablo Neruda on the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Laureate’s birth (2004).  (The company’s Son de domingo Series is dedicated to providing opportunities for local poets to read to audiences in an intimate and comfortable atmosphere.  Interested poets are encouraged to contact TP about possible readings.)

Argos MacCallum has been a resident of Santa Fe since 1967 and has worked as a director, actor, and designer for a number of local theater companies, including the Santa Fe Playhouse and Southwest Children’s Theater.  He is a founder and board member of Teatro Paraguas where he has recently been a central actor in Parted Waters and will direct the upcoming staged reading of Life is a Dream.  Argos has published a volume of poetry, She Loved Gravity and Would Fall Down Exquisitely Anywhere (Synergistic Press, 1987) and will read from his forthcoming book, Sleeping Woman Mountain.

Argos’s new poetry is narrative, often autobiographical, but is complemented with his continued interest in nature subjects.  Argos aesthetic aim is to achieve a musicality in the sparest and leanest language possible.  For him, poetry must be “celebratory and must dance.”  Argos enjoys the three-line poem which he calls “telegrams” since “nostalgically I always thought of telegrams as something immensely interesting and mysterious,” e.g.

The horizon wears a hat of haze
The restless heat scratches at the door.
The land trembles.

Admission is by donation.  For further information, please call (505) 424-1601.