City Launches New Water Conservation Website

Editor | - May 29, 2013

The City of Santa Fe Water Conservation Office has launched a new user-friendly water conservation website to help customers preserve Santa Fe’s limited water resources and save money on water bills.

The new site has features to make searching, site navigation, and mobile browsing easier and more enjoyable.  The technologically advanced, intuitive design provides quick access to site resources by displaying important content more prominently.  The site’s revamped search function assists in finding relevant content more easily and effectively.

“The new website is better equipped to make it easier for customers to find the tools, resources and answers they need to save water and lower their water bills,” said Laurie Trevizo, City Water Conservation Manager.

“Our goal is to provide residents and businesses of Santa Fe with all the information and resources they need into one convenient site,” said Trevizo.

The new site includes tools to help customers calculate home and landscape water use and potential savings, rebate forms, drought updates, regulations, water restrictions, conservation education, and many tips and resource links on how to save inside or outside the home or at work.

To view and bookmark the site, please visit

From a City of Santa Fe Water Conservation press release...

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