Can’t Sell Your Home? Try Feng Shui (seriously)

Date October 23, 2008 at 10:00 PM


Categories Real Estate


"I can help you sell your home."€ If you're a seller, looking eagerly for the secret ingredient of success, how many times have you heard that boast on websites, E-zines, books, adverts, and overwhelming advice by well-meaning friends, relatives and real estate agents?

The good news is that there is a buyer for your home. The bad news, in this challenging market, is you may have to be resourceful to find that appreciative and willing connection. Feng Shui could prove the difference between success and disappointment.

I am a real estate broker (full disclosure) but I am also an experienced Feng Shui practitioner and unabashed advocate. When I walk into a home, I immediately see things that either help or impede a sale. Feng Shui is all about positive and proper energy. Homes that sell almost always have positive energy flow.

To give a small example, look at your street address, the numbers that identify your home. Walk outside to discover how the world and your house interface. Is the address on the house or the mailbox or painted on the curb? Are the numbers missing or covered with branches or vines? Has the paint faded away? More importantly, which way do the numbers run? If your address is 8355 Smith Street, and the numbers are positioned vertically, obviously a person looks down the numbers to read them. This sets the pattern for the energy of the home; it sinks downward. A definite negative.

Now, when the numbers are placed horizontally, the energy for the home is set on an even keel; smooth sailing forward. People have an innate sense of the rightness of things, of order. We feel good in a place but don't always consciously know why: conversely, we "just don't feel right"€ in another home and are eager to move on. When it comes to buyers, we want them to feel good as soon as they enter the house, and stay as long as possible.

Feng Shui, as you may have gathered by now, refers to the ancient Chinese "art of placement."€ Literally translated "Wind Water,"€ and based on achieving the flow of energy needed to enhance your living/working space, Feng Shui, is really a proxy for common sense, enlightenment, and well-being. The classic example is of the Mafia boss or the Western gunslinger who never sits with his back to the door-common sense dictates survival and, hopefully, a long future.

Your front door and entry are very important to a buyer in that first impressions lead to lasting impressions. Is there a tree blocking your front door? Is the entry cluttered? Does the front door squeak? You may not see or hear these things, but enter your home as if you are the buyer. You need to create the most welcoming environment possible because you are inviting the "energy of prosperity"€ into your home. Dust and cobwebs don't cut it, nor do droopy plants, dirty windows, dog and cat hair, a kitty litter box. Sellers, numbed by habit, can be unaware of the cumulative impact of small things that are out of order.

The BaGua Grid is a modernized template you can use to map the relationship of spaces of your home. For thousands of years, countless people have believed that the different sections of a home govern different parts of their lives. In the Black Hat School of Feng Shui, the grid (see below) is oriented from the front door, the mouth of Chi.

I have found that homes that don't sell are often affected by less than positive energy in the "prosperity"€ and "helpful people and travel"€ sections. For example, we don't want a bathroom in the prosperity section because all the money goes down the drain! It is just as crucial to have good energy in the "helpful people"€ section, to attract buyers so you can travel out of the house!

One of the cardinal rules of Feng Shui is "like attracts like."€ To enhance an area with good energy, have plenty of healthy plants, artwork, music, soft lighting, pleasant aromas, and wind chimes.

Mary Layne, has been a Feng Shui practitioner in the Santa Fe area for over fifteen years. For a private consultation, she may be reached at, 505-955-0690.