Call For New Mexico Artists And Fashion Designers For Upcoming Fashion Exhibit, “End of Days”

Date February 13, 2014 at 11:46 AM

Author Staff


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The City of Santa Fe Arts Commission Community Gallery is seeking artists and fashion designers to participate in an upcoming exhibition exploring what fashion will look like as the apocalypse ignites. We are asking artists and designers to consider: How will the world end? 

Nuclear War? 


Water Scarcity?

Solar Storms?


Bee Colony Collapse?

Interested artists and designers are asked to research and consider a single doomsday scenario of their choice and how that will affect the manner in which the survivors of humanity live the remainder of their lives. More specifically, how does that impact their clothing/fashion/accessories? Will there be solar cells, water storage bags or gas masks? 

Artists and designers in all media are encouraged to develop a single doomsday scenario and propose a single fashion piece to submit for exhibit. Proposals should include some brief description and drawings/photographs/imagery of their final proposed piece and how it responds to their doomsday scenario. NOTE: Final fashion pieces need not be wearable clothing. Artwork could include video, photography, painting, sculpture, drawing and mixed media, as long as the work is addressing the impact of Armageddon on clothing/fashion/accessories. 

What will you be wearing as we approach the apocalypse?

This exhibit will feature approximately 30 works of art created by local artists and designers. 

The Community Gallery is planning the exhibit to run from November 2014 through February 2015. Artists are asked to provide portfolios for review no later than March 14, 2014. Artists will be notified of their participation by the end of May, 2014.

Interested artists should submit a portfolio of their work to Rod Lambert, Community Gallery Manager.  Portfolios should consist of 5-10 printed images of the artist’s work on standard digital print paper and an artist statement, resume and/or bio.  Please be sure to include a cover letter stating your interest in being considered for “Apocalypse” as well as complete contact information. Portfolios should be addressed to Community Gallery, PO Box 909, Santa Fe, NM 87504.  Portfolios must be received by March 14, 2014 for consideration.

The Community Gallery promotes and exhibits the work of New Mexico artists and artisans, with the emphasis on Santa Fe, through exhibitions, professional training and community involvement in the arts. For more information about the Community Gallery, visit, send an email to or call 505-955-6705.