Troops get help for PTSD - The Warrior Transition Project

Brain Dynamics gives free help to returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan

Date October 12, 2010 at 10:00 PM

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The Veterans' Administration has seen a tenfold increase in PTSD cases in the last year. According to the VA, more than 37,000 Vets coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from mental health disorders. Over 16,000 have already been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Brain Dynamics, a Santa Fe affiliate of Brain State TechnologiesTM, Scottsdale, Arizona, provides help for these heroes. Within a few weeks, we can create positive life changes by helping them overcome PTSD symptoms: anxiety, depression, flashbacks, difficulty sleeping, and self-medication with chemical/alcohol dependency.

While both genetics and environment play a role in our response to circumstances, the experience of emotional or physical trauma often triggers the onset of a brain imbalance. As the brain is the control unit for our body, its wellbeing determines our physical and mental health. Any time the brain perceives that its survival is being threatened (be it correct or incorrect) a trauma is the result. If someone runs a red light and crashes into your car, BANG - most likely you will sustain a trauma to your central nervous system. By contrast, we can only imagine the many traumas a soldier experiences in a single day of battle. it is no wonder that our veterans suffer from trauma-related PTSD.

With our help, veterans can live a more normal life. Artists can more readily tap into realms of creativity. CEO's can more effectively manage their companies by consistently using positive leadership skills. Golfers can improve their concentration, so that they can guide the club smoothly into the ball. All of this is based on the creation of new neural-networks and a new consciousness, achieved by optimizing brain functions. Difficult personal situations such as a divorce, loss of job, or death in a family can also be traumatic. And, as traumas stack up during our lifetime, one more trauma may be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back. The brain then falls into an imbalanced state, based on the neural-network which was created for the brain to protect itself and survive. Circumstantial trauma can make what has already stacked up much worse.

Every brain, like every person, is unique. Still, the consciousness of humans includes common realms - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Each of these realms is an arena for Brain State ConditioningTM (BSC), which is an advanced process that balances and harmonizes the entire brain. The focus is not on a symptom or diagnosis, but on the control center, the brain, for the whole person. This method is tailored for the individual. It involves collecting a person's unique brain waves and then producing an individualized training plan based on that data.

First, an assessment is made of all neo-cortical functions to determine the brain wave configurations necessary to achieve optimization objectives. Brain activity creates electromagnetic energy - captured and observed as brain waves with EEG amplifiers and computers. At the same time, the client tells us their goals and medical history. With this information, we develop an initial training plan.

Brain activity is based on cells called neurons which interact and connect with each other forming groups or neural-networks. These neural-networks are activated based on stimuli. Sessions are often once or twice a day
The training process (BSC) involves computer translation of brain electrical activity into sounds and real-time visual images to encourage the brain to change. The sounds vary by note and volume, providing patterns for optimum brain function.

Clients have often recognized benefits in the first few sessions, but most people require more sessions to make the benefits permanent with reinforced, dominant neural networks. The brain changes when it creates new pathways/neural-networks.

Qualified veterans receive a free assessment and up to twelve free training hours. Participation is completely confidential. To be eligible, participants must have returned from either Afghanistan or Iraq within the past 24 months and have served in a combat or a rear echelon support unit.

The Warrior Transition project is a voluntary collaboration between the national nonprofit Veterans and Families Foundation, Brain State TechnologiesTM, and its affiliate offices.