A Relaxing Sunday Breakfast at The Pantry

Santafe.com - October 10, 2011

"The Pantry Restaurant...is tradition in Santa Fe..."

A relaxing Sunday breakfast at the Pantry Restaurant at 1820 Cerrillos Rd. is tradition in Santa Fe. Simply put, since 1948 this place has been serving the best breakfast in town. 

Pancakes have been around for a long time. There is evidence prehistoric man ate pancakes and they were a staple in medieval times, but The Pantry takes pancakes to new heights. You can order them stuffed with blueberries or strawberries and whipped cream, traditional buttermilk or a pancake sandwich with eggs, sausage or bacon. If your perfect breakfast is a breakfast burrito, eggs with a side of grits, home fries, toast, or homemade biscuits or huevos rancheros, The Pantry Restaurant is just what you have been looking for.

The lure of the famous blue and yellow neon sign is synonymous with a great meal. Step inside and a smiling face will always greet you. A cozy atmosphere is part of the Pantry’s charm. Whether you sit in the dining room or take up a swivel seat at the counter, you can tell the food is going to be outstanding.

Owners Stan and Mike Singley are a father and son team and both newly married. They know The Pantry is special to Santa Fe. Their mission is clear:  "Our staff and level of service keep our customers coming back.” Mike says¸ “It’s about creating relationships with customers.” 

Stan Singley is a Santa Fe native. He raised his family in the City Different, got his restaurant experience running Luby’s Cafeteria and acquired The Pantry 11 years ago.  Son Mike came on board after finishing The University of New Mexico with a major in history and The Culinary Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale. It is a partnership of experience and education giving the Pantry a neighborly feel. A recipe for success The Pantry will enjoy for many years.

Two years ago the Pantry began serving dinner. So, what’s on the menu? Everything your taste buds crave--meatloaf, chicken -fried steak, rib eyes and pork chops served with buttery mashed potatoes or fries. The dinner options are fast becoming customer favorites.

Try an Agave Wine Margarita or a cold beer with dinner. Mike comes in everyday to “taste everything on the menu,” he says. His attention to this detail is the reason for the consistent great quality of food at the Pantry. If you see it on the menu, you can order it all day long. The Pantry is open Monday through Saturday from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and opens on Sunday mornings at 7:00 a.m.. If it’s party time at your house and you crave good homestyle favorite’s, phone the Pantry at 986-0022, Mike and Stan will assist you in catering your event, Pantry style.

The newest addition to the Pantry is cold brewed coffee. Introduced by manager John Keesing, this is the most delicious cold coffee drink you will ever taste. Even if you are not a fan of iced coffee, cold brewed coffee is different and uniquely prepared. The cold brewing process removes all the acidity and produces a smooth full bodied flavorful coffee unlike anything you have ever experienced. John makes only five gallons at a time. The coffee is brewed in cold water for two days. His recipe of mixing the coffee with different flavors like cinnamon, vanilla, toffee and, even cherry makes The Pantry’s cold brewed coffee a new Santa Fe favorite.  The taste is totally amazing; you have never had a coffee quite like this. Trade in your soda for a cold brewed coffee, you won’t be disappointed. The Pantry’s cold brewed coffee is the perfect start to a day; as an afternoon pick me up, nothing can compare.

The Pantry’s regular customers are loyal; some eat at The Pantry every day and have been doing so for years. Tony Kelly has held down a regular counter seat since the early 70's. “I love the New Mexico food. I’ll match it with any place in town, it’s consistent, plus the crew here is great”

Lunch at The Pantry is prepared traditionally with a nostalgic defining of the term: comfort food. Frito pies with your choice of red or green chili, burgers, tacos and The Pantry’s signature stuffed sopaipilla make lunch time a release from the cares of your morning stress with a warm hearty meal.

Whatever you choose from The Pantry’s extensive all-day menu, get ready to stir up some positive emotions and make new memories of a great Santa Fe dining experience.

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