2013 AHA Festival of Progressive Arts Selected Artists

Date August 28, 2013 at 12:34 PM

Author Staff

Publication SantaFe.com

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Photo: Alexis Brown

The 2013 AHA Festival of Progressive Arts takes place Sunday, September 15 on the railyard plaza and under the farmers market shade structure. Below are this year's particpating visual and musical artists.

Visual Arts

Jamison Chas Banks

Wyndham Blagden

Matthew Chase Daniel

Nicholas Chiarella: the good days are piling up

Sydney Cooper: Japanese Jewish Market

Distortion by Design

Documentation Project

Flying Wall Studios Puppet Theater

Joseph Griffo

Tim & Ann Jag

Thais Mather

Pump Trolley: GAME OVER: Aliens

Rabbit Lantern Tea House

Sanjit Sethi: Indian Viewing Booth


Natalie Smith

Brandon Soder: The Year Book Project

Jamie Gordon West: Cake Camp

Andrew Woodard

Nina Wright

Music and other performances

Accordion Crimes (Denver)

Adam Arcuragi and Spurs (NYC / LA / Atlanta / Philadelphia

Alamo Sun (Santa Fe)

Andrew Cryptic (Santa Fe)

Angelo Harmsworth (Santa Fe)

Art of Flying (Taos)

D Numbers (Santa Fe)

Evarusnik (Santa Fe)

Chace Haynes (Santa Fe)

Jupiter Spiral (Albuquerque)

Lady Gloves (Santa Fe)

Lady Uranium (Albuquerque)

Lily Taylor (San Francisco)

Polarity Taskmasters (LA)

Luke Carr’s Storming The Beaches with Logos in Hand (Santa Fe)

The Starlit Mire: Music and Monologues by Rod Harrison and Jeremy Bleich (Santa Fe)

Performances by Whitney Jones, Carolyn Ellis, and the Garson Dance Company (Santa Fe)

The Nearly Infinite Regression of Janus Shilling by Max Friedenberg (Santa Fe)

A harsh noise listening station by Heavy Metal Vomit Party (Santa Fe)

Peter Breslin (Phoenix) performing a series of 10-15 minute duets, both planned and spontaneous, with audience volunteers as well as Carlos Santistevan, Ruth Zaporah, Curtis Hutchison, Ross Hamlin, Dan Pearlman, Jeremy Bleich, Molly Sturges, and Gary Yamane (all day). Sign-up sheet will be available at Peter’s booth.